We know how to maintain and manage customer expectations whether it be online or over the phone. BPO Centers establishes a culture of professionalism and positive energy. The company culture nurtures intelligent, hard-working, and happy agents, who create outstanding experiences for your customers.

Through our analytical staff and top of the line innovative technology, we provide noticeable results and security.

Your Part

Through our analytical staff and top of the line, innovative technology, we provide noticeable results and security.

Our team has supported many growing brands in the cosmetic industry.  We can help improve your customers’ experiences with humanely and genuine consideration of their thoughts and opinions on your product. We are true brand ambassadors for your brand.

What We Do

Our conscientious agents can help maximize customer loyalty and repurchases by fortifying customer relationships with your brand. BPO Centers is well equipped to effectively communicate with customers from around the world.

The supply and inventory management system at BPO Centers constantly maintains control of your products throughout the entire supply-chain cycle.

Customer Experience Consultation (CX Consulting) helps you grow your brand development and optimize its customer service operations. BPO Centers becomes your partner to help you build a robust structure to effectively handle all of your customers’ inquires and issues. Our staff becomes true brand ambassadors to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our dependable management staff maintains constant and direct contact with your company to ensure vital information and feedback is shared with ease.

Manage other aspects of your cosmetics brand without worrying about the administrative and customer service duties that come with it. Let BPO Centers be a high-performing extension of your office.

  • Product Inquiries

  • Account Management

  • Shipping & Tracking

  • Support Tickets

  • FAQ

  • Inventory 

BPO Centers provides world-class call center services for start-ups and other high-performing cosmetics brands. Being a cosmetics-focused call center, we provide services that include customer support, inbound/outbound sales, CX consulting, back-office work, and other specialty services. Our clients rely on BPO Centers agents to effectively handle product inquiries, returns and exchanges, account management, shipping/tracking, BBB complaints, and much more.

Cosmetics brands frequently count on BPO Centers for premier outsourcing solutions because of our cutting-edge technology and high-quality bilingual agents. Within the cosmetics industry, we know that customer churn is rampant. However, our agents provide proactive support measures to ensure customer issues are resolved before they arise, ensuring true brand loyalty. Cosmetics clients praise BPO Centers for being a seamless extension of the team and for the high-level of support to make their operations run smoothly.



”BPO Centers has been the zenith of outsource partners in that they prepare for, train for, and handle our business as if it were their own. They are competitively priced but perform at a level that is at a distinct altitude above competition. They provide exceptionally skilled and experienced US trained leadership, extensive quality assurance monitoring and are aggressive in soliciting feedback for improvement. “How can we get better? Tell me anything negative” is an ongoing dialogue and at this point, we have to look very hard to find anything. If you’re looking for a Partner that will do anything and everything possible to be the best and to provide solutions to anything you can throw at them, BPO Centers is your selection bar none.”

- VP of Operations

”BPO Centers has been working on our campaign since March 2020. During this time they have not only spent substantial time developing an understanding for our core KPIs but have taken actionable efforts to ensure that ever agent is meeting them. They have developed an onboarding process for new agents that have ensured that we not only meet our client requirements and that new employees are productive and meeting KPIs quickly. The BPO Centers team is by far the best BPO call center that I have worked with. We currently have four BPO call centers in our network, but this team continuously earns more and more of our business.”

- VP of Call Center Operations

“We had no idea where to start with customer support. BPO’s team helped us design our entire CX process. Today we are confident our customers are well taken care of “

-Aaron, Chief Digital Officer

”Our customers have been so happy with my brand’s customer service since we teamed up with BPO Centers, thanks so much! ”

-Omer, CEO

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with BPO Centers. My partners and I recognized the quality of their agents within 5 minutes of our initial call. We made the switch from a different offshore vendor and saw our NPS jump to new levels! We’ve scaled up and couldn’t be happier. ”

-Mike, Head of CX

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