Being Zendesk Partners to Yield the Best Customer Service

CRM software or Customer Relationship Management software serves as contact management software. It is a podium that stores contact numbers, emails, addresses, social media handles, purchasing history, and even the mode of communication preferred by the consumer. Using all this information, the technology then organizes your leads, automatically clicking you [...]

Customer Experience Consulting: Some Important Aspects You Must Know

Running a business is a challenging affair. There are several aspects you need to consider. Some of these elements are non-negotiable like providing excellent customer service. Being a business owner, you should know how to interact with customers so that the end users have a positive experience with your organization. [...]

What are the 5 Unique Features of Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain can be referred to as a shared and immutable ledger that tracks assets in a business network and facilitates the method of recording transactions. It is a database that runs on a peer-to-peer network of systems, which are termed nodes. Every participant in the network has access to blockchain [...]