In a world, where competition is tough, what sets you apart from your competitors is an excellent customer experience, especially in the digital world. Well, every business seems to be abiding by this new culture and focusing on providing an engaging customer experience.

In fact, some companies hire top cx consulting firms to ensure providing the best CX consulting services to increase customer retention and brand loyalty. There are others who fail to understand customer experience. The numbers prove it. A study by Bain & Company states that 80% of companies believe that they offer an amazing customer experience. However, only 8% of customers back this up. This gap is therefore, clear. Bridging the gap requires companies to understand CX (customer experience) clearly.

Busting Common Myths

Busting common myths of customer experience will help you see the clear picture of customer experience.

  • Customer data is the be all and end all of CX:Many companies’ waste time and resources collecting customer data and trying to find a co-relation from the available information. Based on the results, they design strategies, which as against expectations fail to provide the desired results. Experts suggest that understanding what the customer needs and not data is more helpful. Examining what the customers need in their lives is more important to provide an engaging customer experience rather than evaluating demographic and psychographic data. Only when you understand your target customers’ needs and expectations can you find solutions to fulfill them.
  • Innovation is the key to customer engagement: It is a popular misconception to invest and work on creating new experiences like a virtual shopping tour to provide an excellent customer experience. The truth is that customers are also skeptical about new things. So, the time consuming and heavy investment often fails to reap the expected results. Restructuring customer experience is a better option. Enhancing customer experience like same-day delivery, immediate refund, etc., work better.
  • Customer satisfaction is highly important: Customer satisfaction refers to the feeling a customer has at a specific time. Customer experience, on the other hand is what the customer feels from their first interaction with the company and throughout the journey. Of course, customer satisfaction has an impact on customer experience, but maximizing it is not as important as providing an Omni channel customer experience.
  • One bad customer experience is short lived for the company: This is far beyond the truth. 86% customers feel that they will switch to a competitor with one negative experience. Most of these customers do not return. So, focusing on providing a good customer experience each time, every time, is essential rather than focusing only till you garner the customer’s attention.
  • Customer Experience is equivalent to customer service: Customer service is the interaction between the company and the customer. Customer experience is a broader concept. It begins from onboarding sale to experiencing the product, and further experiences that the customer has till they are associated with the company. Great customer service is only one aspect. Focusing on the entire customer experience is important for customer retention.

CX consulting firms are experienced in developing the best strategies for providing an excellent customer experience. It is advisable to hire their services to ensure that your customers are loyal to your product or service.

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