How Emotional Intelligence is Crucially Important for Customer Service

If you want to connect with your biggest asset; your customers, connecting with their emotions is essential. Understanding what they want and providing them with a positive customer service experience is the key to earning their trust and loyalty.

Importance of Customer Service

How the customer support team interacts with the customers influences their purchase decisions significantly. While this was always true, the significance of customer service continues to increase. Poor-quality customer service can hurt the business greatly. On the flip side, focusing on customer service can be highly profitable. Research also supports this statement.

A PWC survey involving 15,000 customers states that 1 out of three customers abandon a company after a bad customer experience. 92% customers completely leave the brand after two to three bad customer experiences. So, the stakes are high and focusing on customer service is crucial like never before.

Outsourcing Customer Service

Multiple businesses resort to customer support outsourcing to ensure providing an excellent customer experience. Outsourcing companies have the expertise and well-trained teams to provide high-quality customer service to customers on behalf of their clients. They understand the importance of using emotional intelligence in customer service. Their English speaking customer service agents have the required emotional intelligence skills to provide customers with the best experience.

Emotional Intelligence in Customer Service

Customer service agents are at the forefront bearing the brunt for everything that goes wrong in the buying journey. Whether it is to do with timely delivery of goods, quality of delivered goods, they are blamed despite being unaware of the same. Customer-facing employees have to deal with the rude and unruly behavior of angry customers. Outsourcing companies understand these issues and help employees develop their emotional intelligence skills, thereby enabling them to improve customer interactions.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Emotional Intelligence Skills

At the core, customer service is everything to do with building solid relationships with the customers. Emotional intelligence is required to resonate with customers, demonstrate empathy, manage issues, and handle stress.

So, here are the ways in which emotional intelligence can be useful with the customer service strategy.

  • Based on the kind of business, over communication or insufficient communication with the customer affects the customer experience.

For instance, in case of online retail, updating the customer on order confirmation, delivery status, etc., enhances the customer experience. It makes them feel important for the business. Conversely, too much of communication with a customer applying for a loan could be detrimental. Updating the customer with information about file processing, credit score analysis could create worry instead of relief. Emotional intelligence and awareness helps keep customer emotions in check.

  • Training customer representatives to show empathy in adverse situations helps build better customer relations. Customers can get angry and frustrated when things do not go as expected. However, emotional intelligence skills help executives understand their emotions and handle it with the required empathy.
  • Online business is undoubtedly a boon. It is quick, easy, and not to forget cost-effective. However, the human connection is still vital for strong connections. Customers appreciate the human connection, to talk to someone for clarifications or concerns, especially in high stress industries like financial services, etc. Emotional intelligence trains customer service professionals to listen, understand, and support.

So, emotional intelligence is a necessity to provide customers with a positive customer experience. BPO Centers believes in this and trains its executives to resonate with customers.

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