Shlomi Sfadia
Executive VP

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How To Improve Your B2C Customer Experience Strategy

Great Customer Experiences are key to building and sustaining a successful brand. The CX model you choose will directly put you in front of your customers. The most effective strategy in this digital environment is to provide outstanding customer interactions every time. 

Over 65% of digital businesses are bound to fail according to Mckinsey.  Money is being wasted when businesses don’t have solid digital strategies.  If you are a truly digital brand, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Transforming Your Digital Business

Who is your target customer?
What does their process look like?
How does the customer feel as they go through the process?  

Once you have answered these questions, you can figure out the best way to align your customer experience strategy to better focus on your customer needs. Some customer service solutions may vary, but it is up to you and your business to determine which are the most effective based on the answers to these questions.

Customer service strategy decisions like this should be well thought out, come from real knowledge of your customers’ needs, and analytics.  BPO Centers makes this process easier by using proactive support to get ahead of problems before they arise.  If those problems are discovered and handled before they are unveiled, customer retention skyrockets.  

A successful customer service strategy is constantly optimized to ensure customers are being taken care of properly.  Below are some steps that your brand should take to adapt to the most successful digital trends:

Calculating Customer Retention

One of the most important things in any business is retaining the customers that you have.  One thing you may want to consider is calculating your customer lifetime value. Calculating this value will help you understand the importance of each customer and allow you to allocate more resources to the CX initiative. Customer feedback to obtain satisfaction scores (CSAT, NPS, etc..) is an excellent resource to analyze what your customer really feels about you. Use these tools to better understand your customers. 

With 90% of phone calls being answered within 20 seconds, BPO Centers is able to raise companies’ customer retention rates and satisfaction scores significantly.  

Social Engagement

Social engagement is an effective tool for customer experience-focused B2C brands, because it allows you to interact directly with customers.  Direct and personal communication with your customers provides the level of attention and helps to greatly enhance the customer experience.  

When customers utilize social engagement platforms to reach out with problems, you can have an immediate response and quick resolution to that problem.  Engaging with your customers through social engagement will improve customer retention, and they will know that you are proactively thinking about them.  Use social engagement analytics to figure out what the best trends are and what you should be posting.  Social media is a great way to enhance your customer service strategy. 

BPO Centers ensures that social media is monitored to decrease customer support percentages with a 92% first-time solutions rate, which will increase customer retention.

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BPO Centers’ nearshore outsourcing services benefit US-based companies by improving customer service scores (CSAT, NPS, etc.) with trained CS agents, increase productivity with hard-working back-office support teams, and drive revenue with inbound/outbound business development rockstars. We work with both start-ups as well as established and high-performing brands. Due to our strategic location in Ensenada, our agents are all fluent in English and Spanish.  They are also highly trained and experienced in Customer Service / Tech Support, Inbound/Outbound Sales, Back Office work, and many other Specialty Services. We use most eCommerce systems and CRM platforms (Shopify, Zendesk, ViCidial, etc..). Contact BPO Centers to learn more at or call us at (888) 882-9227.     



Shlomi Sfadia
Executive VP

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