Nearshore Outsourcing Benefits and Advantages to your Company


Nearshore outsourcing is the act of hiring labor for company services in neighboring countries. This decision reduces the cost of travel and usually eliminates a language barrier that comes with outsourcing overseas. BPO Centers is a Los Angeles based company with offices in Mexico. Their nearshore outsourcing services are beneficial to American companies for many reasons. The goal is to improve business development from back-office support and customer experience along with many other company responsibilities.

Nearshore Outsourcing Proximity

Having outsourced work that is nearby cuts company costs on various levels. Nearshore outsourcing also promises better communication. The timezones of your office support are more in sync connections and real time collaborative efforts. BPO Centers is a trusted company that trains its staff in the specialty of various services. We offer our offices as your extension. Though not commonly needed, transportation and connections between nearshore offices are more plausible with hundreds of connecting flights when needed. 

Nearshore Outsourcing Communication

Nearshore outsourcing associates have levels of education that correlate with the industry and audience that your company is trying to reach. BPO Centers trains our staff on the ins and outs of our partner’s brand. On top of familiarity with audiences, cultures, and companies, they are well-spoken, multilingual associates who are personable and engaging. 

Between the nearshore outsourcing countries and your own, the political standings are more likely to remain intact than those overseas. This reduces the chance of shifts in regulations and guidelines for things such as travel restrictions, payroll, taxes, etc. Your company has more solid grounds to operate on. 

Nearshore Outsourcing Technology & Capitalization

Technology and software intelligence is more up-to-date to properly maintain various back-office duties that your company requires. With close proximity, you don’t need to be concerned about your company losing connection with certain software and if there is a technical issue, the fix will be more efficient with better communication. No digital service is perfect so BPO Centers staff is trained to troubleshoot all technical issues in a timely manner. 


About BPO Centers

BPO Centers is a company ingrained in the idea of happyfication – the process of making customers and employees happy. We are the extension of your business, operating office responsibilities that increase productivity. Our agents are trained specialists in various services. We pride ourselves in representing your company in the best light. We are here to create a positive customer experience that increases the rate of retention. Click here to Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.