“Customer is King” – A phrase most businesses swear by. Customers are undoubtedly the primary asset of a company. It is they who make your sales graph soar or fall. A happy customer not only purchases your products but also spreads the word to his acquaintances, thereby pushing the sales even higher. The importance of customer satisfaction, therefore, cannot be ignored.

Role of the Customer Service Department

The customer service department is responsible and accountable for customer satisfaction. Considering the importance of the customer service department, outsourcing customer service seems like the most favorable solution to save money and resources, cut overheads, not to forget reduce a great deal of stress. However, it is essential to understand everything about how to outsource customer service. After all, you are allowing a third party to interact with your customers.

Steps to Outsourcing Customer Service

So, here’s everything that matters while handing over the reins of your customer service department to a third party.

First and foremost, customer service is outsourced with a goal to minimize costs and maximize the competitive advantage in customer service. To attain this objective here’s a list of questions you need to ask the outsourcing company, not literally, but objectively.

  • Are you on the same page: Every company has a core mission and values that their company or brand rests on even when it is about customer service. First things first, check if the outsourcing company has the same values as yours, for instance enhancing customer experience with the product, helping them instantly, attending to their complaints instantaneously, etc. It is important for the outsourcing company to keep their communication channels open and be transparent about their beliefs and values.
  • Do they use proven processes: Besides clear communication and transparency, it is vital that the outsourcing company deploys tried and tested processes of customer service. Moreover, adapting to changes caused by new development and improved technology is essential to keep up with the competition. Check if the outsourcing company upgrades regularly. Promptness and transparency in communicating the changes is also essential.
  • Are the team members happy: It is true that happy employees are equivalent to happy customers. It is not the company but its team that interacts with the end customers and takes ownership of the brand. So, before handing over the responsibility of customer service to an outsourcing company, see that the employees working there are well-informed, are ready to take ownership for their activities, and are confident and happy. What makes them happy is an opportunity to learn new things. See that the outsourcing company motivates its employees and promotes an environment to impart knowledge to them.

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